Time To Rework The Terms of Service


Hey there everyone,I will be reworking the Client Agreement, and the Terms of Service on my site.  This is to combat some abusive behaviors, as well as to address the problems with people who have social media addiction and think that “I couldn’t help myself” is an acceptable excuse for engaging therein and destroying expensive spellwork, then expecting free recasts. 😛 I’m also going to try to get some balanced “instructions for all spells” up because I hate repeating myself, and it’s become tedious when I give the same instructions over and over and over and over and over and over and usually to the same people where I had just told them what the instructions were not but 2 emails/chat replies previous. With the amount of work involved it could take a week or two because clearly the people who need this the most are the ones who observe these instructions the least, and they would benefit greatly from having a web page they can visit (and I can just spew a link to every time they need it,) to remind themselves of things like “Do not fight with the spell target.” The positive here is that the approximately 80% of my clientele who DO NOT engage in these behaviors or become obsessive will now have so much more time, because I’m going to be able to have a lot more pull if I have explained in intricate detail about things like abusively buying a half hour and keeping me on the phone for at least an hour EVERY TIME, social media stalking, common sense behaviors, and obsessive stuff being bad, and it’s right on my business site. This means I can use the blog for what it’s meant to be used for, too, so a lot less “Get off social media” and “This is what lust for results is which I explain at least every other month here,” posts. ;)In other news, it looks like today is “wifi comes back day,” so all the annoyingness that is “No long responses,” will be over. 😛 Sorry everyone, I know that was terribly obnoxious. HOWEVER, as always DO NOT SEND ME SCREENSHOTS OF CHATS UNLESS I ASK TO SEE THEM! I know some of you believe dinosaurs ruled the earth when I was young and that I communicated to my adolescent paramours through telegram and smoke signals, but the reality is people were already chatting with people online (through messengers instead of text message, admittedly) when I was in middle school, so this is not whatsoever a new request. It’s been a long held policy. Just summarize the chat for me like you would a live conversation, please. And lastly, please keep in mind due to the wifi issue (because it’s been a real pain in the arse,) my business phone was impacted, and so I apologize for any delayed reading requests. Readings will resume as normal on Monday Oct 25. ~Cat 

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