Throwing minorities under the bus is not an answer to Labour’s defeat | Owen Jones

Abandoning so-called ‘woke’ issues would hand the right victory in its culture war

It’s the woke what lost it. Corbynism’s Waterloo can be explained as a long-deserved revolt against the tyranny of a censorious, oh-so-superior progressive left, which hounded anyone who dared question its elitist social norms. Alienated by the assault on their sacred traditional values by the metropolitan-quinoa-Taliban, Labour’s working-class base tore the red wall down.

Here, at least, is a narrative that has emerged since the party’s devastating rout, most recently aired in a report by Tory pollster Lord Ashcroft. The party “had come to embody an excessively politically correct or ‘woke’ culture,” the report deduces from focus groups, with objections including the claim “You’re a bigot if you don’t agree there are 125 different genders”, and disapproval at Jeremy Corbyn for declaring his pronouns.

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