This Flower Arrangement Is Actually a Cheese Plate

I’ve built a community around sharing new and exciting ways to arrange cheese plates. Today, we’re taking it beyond the plate with this cheesy bouquet, perfect for Mother’s Day (but let’s be honest, any day will work). You may be thinking, “Marissa, why? Wasn’t cheese already good enough on a plate?” Sure, but I’m here to give you permission to more fully express your creativity when it comes to snacks: Have fun (dare I say, even play) with your food!

This idea was inspired by Edible Arrangements—you know, the bouquets of flower-shaped pineapple chunks and melon cubes. I say it’s time to level up with real flowers, and throw in a few cheese hearts, salami roses, and cracker leaves! The pairings here are thoughtful, not just random fruit that doesn’t really go together: Each skewer includes the ingredients for a perfect bite. Plus, this bouquet makes for a stunning centerpiece for your celebration. Let’s dive in.


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