These breathable pajamas are the only ones that stand up to the hot and cold extremes of my temperature-controlled apartment

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  • Since moving into a temperature-controlled apartment, I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of pajamas that keep me cool when it’s hot and toasty when it’s cold.
  • I’ve been testing out Summersalt’s Cloud 9 Silky Pajama Set ($95), and they’ve done exactly that. My pair is loose-fitting, breezy, and just warm enough. 
  • If you can comfortably afford them, you’ll love these pajamas. The material is soft and silky but feels like its made to last through years of wearing and washing.

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Truth be told, I’ve never fretted over sleepwear. From hole-ridden tees to thick dresses, my motley pajamas have never kept me from lulling into a deep sleep. But my sleepwear needs have drastically changed since moving into a temperature-controlled apartment, and like a modern-day Goldilocks, I’ve been searching for a “just right” pair. I’d prefer my choices to be more than just drenched in sweat or shivering through the night.

In an attempt to rectify this problem, I’ve added portable fans to brave the heat, purchased blankets to withstand chills, and ordered a slew of pajama sets from brands that tout unrivaled design at cheaper prices. Sadly, my efforts have been futile, leaving me to bemoan my alarm come morning. That was until I tried Summersalt’s new pajama set.

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