Temporary – Not Available for International Readings for Those outside of North America


Hello lovies,So, while I normally wouldn't even bring it up, due to some tech issues (basically me waiting to get an iPhone I can hear on, and I really want a new one, so it might be a week or two, heh,) I am not able to perform international readings outside of North America at this time. For reasons only known to God, I've had an 800% increase in international requests lately, so I figured I'd let everyone know. :/ The problem will be solved when I get a new iPhone, which I've been long overdue in doing already (the phone has been awful to try to hear on for over a year, but I could still hear you.) It's looking like late September or early October should be around the time the issue is resolved. 😛 If you are an international client who currently has a reading scheduled, I have made arrangements so I can perform this, so please keep your appointed time. :)~Cat

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