Singapore extends lockdown after cases rise; Donald Trump signals immigration ban; Oktoberfest cancelled; US oil market collapses WHO warns few people have developed coronavirus antibodies Pandemic causing some anti-vaxxers to waver US coronavirus updates – live UK coronavirus updates – live See all our coronavirus coverage 5.10pm BST The İstanbulContinue Reading

Two gems from the wizard of recreational maths Today’s column is a celebration of John Horton Conway, the legendary British mathematician, who died of coronavirus earlier this month, aged 82. Conway was an inspirational, iconoclastic genius who invented and studied countless puzzles and games, in addition to his more highbrowContinue Reading

Spotting the 10-15 meteors per hour expected at event’s peak will be challenging, but not impossible This week’s must-see naked-eye celestial event is the Lyrid meteor shower. This is one of the oldest meteor showers, with Chinese references dating back to more than 2,500 years ago. Modern analysis shows thatContinue Reading

Researchers have developed the first megapixel photon-counting camera based on new-generation image sensor technology that uses single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs). The new camera can detect single photons of light at unprecedented speeds, a capability that could advance applications that require fast acquisition of 3D images such as augmented reality andContinue Reading