Hey Occulties,So if you ever read my book, you may have come across this one. I figured since y’all want someone to be obsessed all the time, you might enjoy it here for free. :)You will need:A pink figural candle in the sex of the desired target13 pinsPoppy seedLicorice rootTobaccoComeContinue Reading

Hey everyone, Guess what time it is? It’s time for Mercury Retrograde…(coming on Sept 27, but you’re probably feeling it now because of the “shadow phase, and until October 17.)This means you can expect problems with electronics, electronic banking, devices, accounts, and all sorts of weirdness (as someone who deals directlyContinue Reading

Hey Occulties,I told you this article would cause some upheaval, so let’s look at some questions I received (some in multiples,) shall we?Q: Was that article written about me?A: It’s possible you have engaged in one or more of the many bulleted points, however, considering about 20% of my clientsContinue Reading

Good Morning lovies,Since I’m clearly a masochist who loves punishment (or just want a lot of crying in my inbox), today I’d like to answer a client’s request to know how it is I can “just tell” when a reconciliation working or love working (or, honestly any working at all,Continue Reading

Hey Occulties,I’m sure I’ve told you that one high maintenance client takes the time of 10 clients. So, when I say something like “What a nice quiet September it is,” and then at least three-quarters of my active client list flips the “high-maintenance” switch on, that can be a badContinue Reading

Hey Occulties,Just a brief little article for you on this beautiful September Sunday.So I frequently get questions regarding why this or that isn’t manifesting, and as you guessed, nine times out of ten (if not closer to 49 times out of 50,) it’s lust for results. We’ve been over lustContinue Reading