22 June 1483  Dr Ralph Shaw preached a sermon at St Paul’s Cross declaring the late Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville invalid, his children illegitimate and their uncle, Richard of Gloucester (later Richard III), the rightful king. 22 June 1610 William Seymour secretly married Arbella Stuart at Greenwich. NewsContinue Reading

Morris High School in the Bronx was designed by C. B. J. Snyder. Cathedrals of Culture: Architect Charles B. J. Snyder and the New York City Public Schools Fordham University Press, 2022, $39.95; 272 pages. by Jean Arrington with Cynthia S. LaValle As reviewed by Stephen Eide From Factories toContinue Reading

Educators preach about growth and grit to children, but the system itself fails to encourage perseverance and curiosity. Instead, it does the opposite by affixing labels to students, sorting them into relatively static groups, and signaling to the students that that their effort doesn’t matter. This learning model is anContinue Reading