Drana and Jack. About the art Both race in the classroom and the New York Times’s 1619 Project have been the subject of recent state legislative efforts, heated debate, and extensive press coverage, both at Education Next (see, for example, “Critical Race Theory Collides with the Law,” legal beat, FallContinue Reading

In 1964, the fighter was up for the music honor for a comedy album. Twelve years later, he was nominated again. The accomplishments of Muhammad Ali are renowned: Olympic gold medalist, heavyweight boxing champion, humanitarian, civil rights activist. But would you believe he also was a Grammy Award nominee inContinue Reading

The vibrant network opened up exchanges between far-flung cultures throughout central Eurasia. The Silk Road wasn’t a single route, but rather a vibrant trade network that crisscrossed central Eurasia for centuries, bringing far-flung cultures into contact. Traveling by camel and horseback, merchants, nomads, missionaries, warriors and diplomats not only exchangedContinue Reading

19 September AD 634: The Arabs capture Damascus At the beginning of the seventh century, Damascus was one of the most important cities in the Roman world. But then everything began to go wrong. War between the Romans and the Persians swept across the Levant, and in AD 613 the cityContinue Reading

In the latest episode in our series on history’s biggest topics, Professor David Stevenson explores the 1919–20 conference that sought to resolve the aftermath of the First World War, and whose legacy has been fiercely debated ever since. Was the resulting Treaty of Versailles too harsh on Germany? Did theContinue Reading

18 September AD 96 The Roman emperor Domitian is stabbed 18 September 1714 Following the death of his second cousin, Queen Anne, the 54-year-old elector of Hanover lands in Great Britain for his coronation as George I 18 September 1931 The Mukden Incident, a staged explosion on the Japanese-owned SouthContinue Reading

Archaeologist and television presenter Neil Oliver discusses his new book, The Story of the World in 100 Moments, which explores the whole of human history through just 100 milestone events. Neil Oliver is the author of The Story of the World in 100 Moments (Bantam Press, 2021) Buy now onContinue Reading