(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump on Friday abruptly fired the inspector general of the intelligence community, sidelining an independent watchdog who played a pivotal role in his impeachment even as his White House struggled with the deepening coronavirus pandemic. Trump informed the Senate intelligence committee late Friday of his decisionContinue Reading

There are lots of questions about the novel coronavirus that we try to answer, including whether we should wear masks, if the U.S. is testing enough and if there’s a drug that can treat COVID-19. (Image credit: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images) * This article was originally published here

The coronavirus pandemic will transform American life like no event since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The outbreak, it is now clear, will cause death and economic destruction far greater than 9/11, awakening us to the profound threat that pandemic disease poses to our well-being, economy, and wayContinue Reading

As coronavirus ran rampant and record jobless numbers piled up, the nation’s health insurers last week readied for a major announcement: The Trump administration was reopening Obamacare to millions of newly uninsured Americans. It was an announcement that never came. The White House instead rejected the prospect of allowing newContinue Reading