Dylan Bundy tried his best to give a promising vision of the future. This was at spring training in 2019, when the Baltimore Orioles had finished the previous season as the worst team in the major leagues. They were bad and they knew it, but teams like that can alwaysContinue Reading

A meeting was called, discussions were held, and groups representing some of the world’s biggest soccer clubs and leagues were given a chance to have their say. Their concerns were immediate: Extra dates being proposed for qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup would badly affect their operations, they said,Continue Reading

Sha’Carri Richardson sent a message before she returned to the track on Saturday. “Aug. 21,” she wrote alongside a video she posted on Instagram this week, “and I’m not playing nice.” The message was clear: Weeks after a positive drug test cost her Olympic dream, Richardson was, in the videoContinue Reading