With Russia’s women’s gymnastics team leading by more than a point and Simone Biles abruptly out of the competition in Tuesday’s team final, it fell to Sunisa Lee, anchoring the United States on the uneven bars, to keep the Americans’ gold medal hopes alive. It was, Lee said afterward, “theContinue Reading

The United States has reigned over women’s gymnastics for more than a decade, with the last team defeat handed to it by Russia in 2010, by only two-tenths of a point. Since then — and particularly with Simone Biles’s emergence on the world scene in 2013 — the American teamContinue Reading

TOKYO — Past the baseball fields at Ojima Komatsugawa Park, which on Friday were full of uniformed boys, is a quiet edge where one of Japan’s leading Olympians got his start. It is a place that sits quietly and unnoticed most days. Take a closer look, though. The stone stepsContinue Reading