Mike Tyson is back for a pay-per-view fight. Well, not exactly a fight. (“It’s an exhibition bout between two former champions,” said a seemingly exasperated Andy Foster, the California State Athletic Commission executive officer. “I don’t know another way to put it.”) Somehow, Tyson being back in the ring isContinue Reading

The Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano once called Diego Maradona “the most human of the gods.” Argentines were happy to edit that down, to the singular version of the last word. When Maradona died on Wednesday at age 60, many of his compatriots had known him their entire lives. He wasContinue Reading

The Thanksgiving schedule took a major hit when the Baltimore Ravens’ ongoing coronavirus outbreak resulted in the rescheduling of their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to Sunday. That leaves Thursday’s lineup with the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys each hosting a fairly mundane matchup, which was the way theContinue Reading