The Native American was an Olympic medalist, NFL standout and a MLB player — he even won a ballroom dancing championship. Decades before Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders starred in baseball and football, Jim Thorpe was America’s original multi-sport athlete. A two-time college football All-American and charter member of theContinue Reading

Georgetown’s John Thompson was a champion for African American players, and Tennessee’s Pat Summitt became a fierce advocate for the women’s game. Shortly after the invention of basketball in 1891, the college version of the game became integral to American sports. At its highest levels, college basketball has produced transformative and innovativeContinue Reading

In 1964, Masanori ‘Mashi’ Murakami debuted with the San Francisco Giants. But two years later, the pipeline of baseball talent from his country was closed. On September 1, 1964, San Francisco Giants pitcher Masanori “Mashi” Murakami became the first Japanese-born player to play in a Major League Baseball game. But aContinue Reading

15 November 1708 Birth in Westminster of William Pitt the elder, future Earl of Chatham, architect of Britain’s success in the Seven Years’ War and prime minister from 1766 to 1768. 15 November 1887 Artist Georgia O’Keefe is born in Wisconsin. 15 November 1920 The General Assembly of the LeagueContinue Reading

14 November 1770: James Bruce reaches the Blue Nile’s source The Scottish explorer fulfils his mission to find the river’s origin For the Scottish explorer James Bruce, it was a moment of exquisite vindication. After years of dreaming and weeks of trudging, he was a few hundred yards from his goal,Continue Reading