Coronavirus threw the 2020 sporting calendar into complete disarray, with the even the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo being postponed. But it’s not the first time the Olympics have had to be put on hold: since sprinting into life in 1896, the modern Olympics has been cancelled three times, allContinue Reading

The Cerne Abbas Giant, a huge hill-carving in Dorset, has made the news recently for been re-dated to the Anglo-Saxon period. Dr Tom Morcom and Dr Helen Gittos from the University of Oxford reveal what this might mean for our understanding of the giant, and what it can tell usContinue Reading

ST Math, an online program from MIND Research Institute used by more than 1.3 million P-8 students, employs a visual, gamified approach to teach math. I recently spoke with MIND’s chief data science officer Andrew Coulson, who heads evaluation of student and teacher usage and outcomes for ST Math, aboutContinue Reading