Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaking at the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in May 2018. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo As of Sunday, Texas recorded over 10,000 new COVID-19 cases.  Gov. Greg Abbott said he asked for federal support to testing sites on Friday.  This comes after Abbott worked to blockContinue Reading

Airline pilots walk through the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on December 27, 2021 Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images United and Spirit have both announced pay incentives in an effort to alleviate labor shortages.  United pilots are eligible for triple pay for extra unstaffed flights they pick up through January 29.  SpiritContinue Reading

A composite image of Warren Buffett (left) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (right). CNBC/Getty Images/Insider Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized Warren Buffett for staying out of a labor dispute. Sanders asked him to help striking workers at Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Special Metals. Buffett declined, citing his hands-off management approach, prompting a rebukeContinue Reading

bitcoin cryptocurrency – stock illustration Getty Bitcoin finishes the year off in a slump but investors could take advantage of the down price. The wash sale rule that applies to most securities doesn't apply to cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders can sell at a loss to offset capital gains taxes and buyContinue Reading

The campaign included the commercials run during the popular Christmas Day games State Farm launched its new NBA ad campaign, which ran its first commercials during the popular Christmas Day games. It is the next step of the insurer’s Surprisingly Great Rates messaging that was first rolled out during lastContinue Reading