It’s late, you just got home, and you’re hungry. You have some stale bread, some eggs, and some dairy. Or: It’s Sunday morning, and your kids are shrieking, and you want to cook something quick and easy that will get them all starry-eyed, quiet, and happy. Or: You’re tired ofContinue Reading

This review is part of our community-driven book tournament, The Big Community Book-Off. With your help, we’re finding the best books across categories (from bread to pasta, Instant Pots to cooking fundamentals, and cake to cookies, to name a few), and putting them through a series of rigorous reviews—considered, tested,Continue Reading

How to choose a good tent that will last for years? This question is frequently asked by those who like outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone, with family or friends, or prefer extreme conditions. Size and capacity, weight, seasonality and material are the things to lookContinue Reading

Mountain bike riding is a great sport that people from all walks of life can enjoy. While it is definitely challenging, it is also full of excitement and adventure. There are many trails in Phoenix that both beginners and experienced riders can take part in. You can choose the bestContinue Reading

(This post, Designer Spotlight: Meiju Knits, was originally written and published by The Loopy Ewe. © TheLoopyEwe, 2021) Today I’m interviewing designer Meiju from Meiju Knits. You may have seen her work on Ravelry, in Laine Magazine or Knitscene, or on Knitty. So many beautiful designs. She lives in Helsinki, the capitalContinue Reading

So, so much has changed over the past year. Apparently, the texture of butter in Canada is one of those things. There’s a storm brewing online over what some outlets are calling “Buttergate.” It all started on Twitter (where else?) when Canadian food writer, Julie Van Rosendaal, stared into theContinue Reading

Look for the word “regenerative” at your local grocery store. Chances are, you’ll spot it on boxes of mac and cheese, cartons of milks, or even bags of chips. Regenerative agriculture, also called carbon farming, has become the latest darling of everyone from food companies to universities to politicians. ButContinue Reading

The Perfect Loaf is a column from software engineer-turned-bread expert (and Food52’s Resident Bread Baker), Maurizio Leo. Maurizio is here to show us all things naturally leavened, enriched, yeast-risen, you name it—basically, every vehicle to slather on a lot of butter. Today, how to turn high-protein durum flour into aContinue Reading