Sailing is a great way to see Hong Kong from a different perspective. It is also an excellent way to spend your time in the city if you want something fun and adventurous. There is more to visit and do on the waters in Hong Kong, making it the perfectContinue Reading

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE: APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY | GOOGLE PODCASTS Why Do We Go to All-You-Can-Eat Bottomless Buffets Do you guys know about those bottomless buffets? I think they have become the staple of United States travel and cruise ship travel and all-inclusive travel. It always looks so temptingContinue Reading

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I started planning our romantic getaway to Georgia, Athens was a must-go-to spot. And interestingly enough, my husband – who is an academic, arranged a meeting with someone at the university in his field, so it was dually beneficial. I got to visit this town that I’ve heard so muchContinue Reading

Atlanta has become a culinary city of delight for my husband and I, we visited Flip Burguer Boutique. And a city of firsts. Interestingly enough, after visiting places such as Boston or New York City, which are supposed to be known for their gastronomy, I can honestly say, they have nothing onContinue Reading