School children are spaced apart in one of the rooms used for lunch at Woodland Elementary School in Milford, Massachusetts. The school opened in fall 2020 using a hybrid model. President-elect Joe Biden has made reopening a majority of K–8 schools for in-person instruction a priority for his administration’s firstContinue Reading

Sal Khan, founder and CEO, Khan Academy, started to connect students to teachers, peers, and professionals to get personalized help with learning questions. The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation has launched an online tutoring program to offer 250,000 hours of live tutoring by retired educators to students in classrooms orContinue Reading

Gareth Williams, emeritus professor of medicine at the University of Bristol, traces historical efforts to vaccinate populations against killer infections – from Edward Jenner’s eureka moment with smallpox in 18th-century England to rival scientists’ bitter battle to conquer polio in 1950s America. Read more: Gareth Williams explores four previous attemptsContinue Reading

Kensington Palace, London, six in the morning. Princess Victoria is woken by her mother and told that two men are there to see her. She rises quickly, throws a dressing-gown over her nightdress and, with her fair hair still loose about her shoulders, receives the two visitors in her sitting-room.Continue Reading

Did the Sixties really swing? Why did the decade see such an explosion of popular culture? And what were the top sellers in the supermarket? Historian, author and broadcaster Dominic Sandbrook answers popular search queries and questions you submitted about Britain in the 1960s. How to download the HistoryExtra podcastContinue Reading