Hey Kids,So have you ever noticed that when things go really bad, there are people who want to help, and then there’s this person “Oh, that stinks. Hey, so my dog did the funniest thing yesterday.” You could be on fire, and they’d be like “Damn, that kind of blows,Continue Reading

Hey there Occulties,When we think of money spells, many of us falsely think of big lottery wins like winning a Powerball jackpot. This, firstly, would be a gambling spell, and secondly would be a very stupid manner of using a gambling spell as the odds are terrible. Gambling spells areContinue Reading

Hey there Occulties,So, as I’m sure I’ve told many of you, math is not my strong suit. 😛 When going over my finances this weekend, I realized that I’m pretty much going to have to shoestring certain budgets to afford other things I actually need. This is not about want.Continue Reading

Hey Occulties,Just a note that all previous promotions/sales are ended, so if you didn’t get in on that, you can’t get the discount.Today I’d like to take a stand for my fellow occult-authors, occultists-for-hire, and psychics…because a lot of you lack the insight into our job, and while some peopleContinue Reading

Hey kids,Today on Cat’s Rants, instead of the fun posts I’d promised today which I so wanted to write for you (I’m still going to, just prolly this evening or tomorrow), I’m instead giving you the following helping because it’s in league with how much fun I’m having CHASING DOWNContinue Reading

Good Morning, Occulties,So for my hardcore readers who text and whatsapp me, my main requests were either “MONEY SPELL” or “SPELL TO MAKE EVERYONE SEE HOW FREAKING GORGOUS AND LOVEABLE I AM,” and the third runner up was, predictably, “gimme back my ex.” Since we discussed bringing back your exContinue Reading

Hey there lovely readers! :)You’re old friend Cat was up doing some latenight cursing (it is – or by modern standards, was, – Tuesday, after all,) and it occurred to me, it’s been a long time since I’ve asked everyone what you want to see on Cat’s Rants. Since itContinue Reading

Hey kids,So, unsurprisingly, my previous article was setting you up for this article… Let’s discuss reconciling that ex of yours – now as I said before, just because you return a jerk to you and make them feel warm and squishy towards you, they will not somehow become super enlightened, andContinue Reading