Hey Everyone,So, I should tell you all that I miss you very much, and that you’re all my inspiration for writing. 😛 I went on to Reddit to see what the noobs were doing, and just found a lot of non-inspiring stuff like posting about non-manifested spells (never a goodContinue Reading

Hey kids, Today, Sunday September 5, up until Monday September 6 at 4pm EST, I am offering 20% off of everything I sell. Just contact me before 4pm tomorrow and get 20% off*!!~Cat*Discount does not stack or apply to already discounted items Ad. Use PAYONEER to start online business Ad. SpinContinue Reading

Hey kids,I know I’ve been super busy with the Cat v Greasy Landlord scandal for the last 10 days (sorry,) but I wanted to let everyone know that I am free from 10-4 EST tomorrow and Friday, and 10-6 EST on Saturday! 🙂 So please CONTACT ME ASAP if youContinue Reading

Hey everyone,Before the pandemic, about once a month or so, I’d get a week where I had far too many readings requests, to the extent where it was impacting reply time, and causing me to have to spellcast at weird hours for someone wanting a last minute reschedule or forContinue Reading

Just a temporary message to remind clients to that I have up to five business days to reply (despite that basically never happening and normally being 12 hours or less,) and that should you refuse to wait for my reply and persistently email me, this merely resets your wait.For example,Continue Reading