Across the world, from Zurich to St. Louis, authorities are closing down public parks and outdoor spaces—with many citing overcrowding, which they fear will fuel coronavirus infections. In one notable and much-discussed example, officials in London just announced in a scolding tweet that they were closing down Brockwell Park, afterContinue Reading

Nurse researchers underscore that while responses to the problem have resulted in well-motivated innovations, an effective and actionable path for immediate and long-term remediation should encompass micro- and macro-level solutions. * This article was originally published here

Radiolabeled molecules help nuclear physicians to detect and precisely target tumors, which are often developing due to pathological changes in metabolic processes. Using positron emission tomography, scientists have now developed the first radiotracer labelled with the fluorine isotope 18F, which can visualize special transport proteins often found in the cellContinue Reading

Researchers have found that it’s actually the mother cell that determines if its daughter cells will divide. The finding sheds new light on the cell cycle using modern imaging technologies, and could have implications for cancer drug therapy treatments. * This article was originally published here