This weekend, The Batman’s funeral scene clip, the first of likely many clips from Matt Reeves’ upcoming superhero flick, was unleashed, and it was great. Packed with atmosphere, subtle character bits, and an extremely somber (and eerie) tone, the two-minute clip left me pretty pumped for the movie. There’s a lotContinue Reading

Hello, crafting friends!   We all love those frosty winter days with bright blue skies don’t we but not so much the grim grey ones we’ve had for the last couple of days here in the heart of England. I thought a nice bright Christmas card might cheer us allContinue Reading

Hello, crafting friends!   I’ve been enjoying making a few valentines this year! This one features a pair of bushy-tailed cuties from a new-to-me stamp set from Clearly Besotted called Foxy Friend.     The squirrels are supposed to be skunks but they make excellent squirrels! I coloured them withContinue Reading

  Genre: Historical Fiction/Short Story Description: “In the final years of the Victorian era, a French fisherman and an English aristocrat team up on a harrowing adventure that brings forth an epic battle of greed, survival, and redemption. In the port city of Grimsby, England, a down on his luckContinue Reading

Jensen Ackles has teased that a secret DC property is currently in development that he hopes to be cast in. RELATED: Jensen Ackles Opens Up About His Initial Reaction to Supernatural’s Ending During a recent appearance on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast, Ackles was asked what the one role he wouldContinue Reading