After director Scott Derrickson left Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness due to creative differences, Derrickson and writer C. Robert Cargill teamed up to adapt a short story by Joe Hill. After a premiere at Fantastic Fest, audiences everywhere are getting treated to The Black Phone, a supernatural horror film featuring aContinue Reading

  Genre: Thriller Description: “A missing assassin. An unlikely betrayal. A secret cabal, sowing chaos. Leine Basso’s missing. She’s not answering her calls. Or texts. Lou and Santa fear she’s been compromised. According to her contact on the op she’s fine, just busy. When she finally responds it doesn’t soundContinue Reading

Iconic Roles is a look at some of the best performances in film and television by actors and actresses. While Steve Carell’s career will likely go down in history books for his performance as Michael Scott in the American version of The Office, the comedian showcased a variety of roles he majestically portrayed sinceContinue Reading

Hello, crafting friends!   I couldn’t help but notice it was the 25th the day before yesterday, and that brought to mind another month where the 25th is a major celebration! I tried to imagine what it might feel like to be cold and this card was the result:  Continue Reading