Rep. Adam Kinzinger has criticized pastors for failing to speak out against Trumpism. Alex Wong/Getty Images Rep. Adam Kinzinger said some Christians in the US are equating Donald Trump to Jesus Christ. In an interview with MSNBC, he also criticized pastors who spread Trumpism from the pulpit. The GOP congressmanContinue Reading

4moms is recalling over 2 million MamaRoo swings. Oliver Berg/picture alliance/Getty Images 4moms has recalled more than 2 million MamaRoo baby swings and RockaRoo rockers over strangulation risks. Restraint straps of the products can dangle below the seat when they are not in use. A 10-month-old died from asphyxiation afterContinue Reading

Elon Musk at the 2022 Met Gala. Andrew Kelly/Reuters Lawyers for Musk last week demanded that documents from 22 Twitter employees be handed over. The judge overseeing the case ordered documents from just one employee, Kayvon Beykpour. Musk is now seeking more information on data through an additional motion filedContinue Reading

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the EV maker has produced over 3 million cars so far. Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images Tesla has produced over 3 million cars to date, with 1 million of them made in its Shanghai factory. CEO Elon Musk said "production is a much biggerContinue Reading

Members of the People's Liberation Army Marine Corps during training in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, July 20, 2017. REUTERS/Stringer China's ability to invade Taiwan has gotten renewed attention amid heightened tensions in recent weeks. China's military has devoted much effort to improving its ability to conduct such a risky and costlyContinue Reading

US President Donald Trump signs a document reinstating sanctions against Iran after announcing the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal, in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House in Washington, DC, on May 8, 2018. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images ICAN says the FBI's seizure highlights the vulnerabilityContinue Reading

Former US President Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower to meet with New York Attorney General Letitia James for a civil investigation on August 10, 2022 in New York City. James Devaney/GC Images The FBI recovered 11 boxes of classified documents during its raid of Mar-a-Lago on Monday. A Trump lawyerContinue Reading

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump; Richard Nixon Matt Rourke/Associated Press; Julia Nikhinson/Associated Press; Associated Press The Mar-a-Lago raid was part of an investigation into Trump's handling of government records. Federal officials seized 11 boxes of classified information, though Trump has denied wrongdoing. Hillary Clinton and Richard Nixon are among the officialsContinue Reading

Getty Images // James Devaney/GC Images The FBI retrieved several boxes of classified documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort this week. Classified documents are sensitive material that require legal protections to ensure national security. There are three levels of classification in the US: confidential, secret, and top secret. Federal agents seizedContinue Reading