Superbooth 2022: Arturia’s V Collection 9 adds even more classic synths and Augmented instruments


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Superbooth 2022: The ninth edition of Arturia’s V Collection adds new instruments, a slew of workflow updates and presets, and loads more to its impressive span of reference instruments.


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Four new instruments are introduced to the collection, making for a total of 32 pro-grade instruments.

New are recreations of classic Korg and Ensoniq synths, along with picks from Arturia’s Augmented line.

Korg MS-20 V is described as having an “elemental analogue sound” with a semi-modular architecture to let you sculpt your tones.

The SQ80 V takes after Ensoniq’s digital-analogue synth from the late 80s and will let you amalgamate thousands of digital waveforms with analogue-style filters.

The Augmented titles include Strings and Voices, which let you combine samples with synthesis and further transmogrify sounds with deep morphing controls.

Arturia V Collection 9 MS-20
Arturia V Collection 9 SQ-80
Arturia V Collection 9 Augmented Strings
Arturia V Collection 9 Augmented Voices

The update also refreshes five instruments from previous versions of the V Collection: CS-80 V, Prophet-5 V, Prophet VS V and Piano V. Each is described as being rebuilt from scratch as standalone instruments to deliver an authentic playing experience with loads of detail.

Further, V Collection 9 includes 14 exclusive new sound banks; 14,000 high-quality presets; in-app tutorials for each instrument, and easy MIDI mapping to accommodate any controller you might pair with the software.

Check out Arturia’s V Collection 9 in action below:

In our review of the Arturia V Collection 8, we awarded it a 10/10 and said: “V Collection 8 ticks all the analogue and digital boxes. With the addition of a vintage sample library, vocoder and two iconic synths, this is a must-have for anyone chasing the vintage synth sound.”

Arturia will celebrate the launch of V Collection 9 with a special intro price of €499 to all users until 5 June 2022. Learn more at

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