Rachel Roddy’s Italian recipes for lockdown

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Tins, packets and short ingredient lists are good friends right now – as is ever-resourceful Italian cooking. Our resident Roman offers 10 simple meals to keep you well fed

Rome went into lockdown 17 days ago. With news of what was happening in the north of Italy ringing in our ears, we were told to stay at home, leave the house as little as possible and to do so only for essential shopping.

That night, I looked in my cupboards and freezer and made a list of recipes. While words like “resourceful” and “ingenious” spun through my head, the recipes that formed from the packets of pasta, bags of peas and lentils, tins of tomatoes and oily peppers, chickpeas and chickpea flour, the lonely carrot, and the frozen chicken, were some of the things I like to cook and eat most, the recipes I have so enjoyed writing about here.

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