Quarantine companions: ‘If you can give a pet a home whilst self-isolating it’s fabulous’

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As shelters brace for fewer volunteers and more surrendered animals, Australians are being urged to consider adopting or fostering

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  • Andrew has always wanted a cat of his own. When he was 10 he presented his parents with a dossier that laid out the case for getting him a kitten. His request was denied. Twenty-three years later, he brought home Maximum “Max” Tony Valentine, named in part after his grandfather.

    What better time to bring home an animal than during a global pandemic, right? All those days at home, all the soothing chin scratches at a time of profound anxiety. Andrew is self-isolating because he has a compromised immune system, which makes him especially vulnerable to Covid-19. He and his fiance, Cameron, have just had to postpone their April wedding until the end of the year.

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