Q&A: Why Do Spellcasters “Hate” Readings/Why Do So Many Spellcasters Not Offer Readings


1Hey there, So on a week full of readings and more readings, from newbies, readers, and even return clients I keep hearing:”Why do so many spellcasters either never offer readings or no longer offer them if they used to?” The answer from what I can tell is that even though to some clients that is like selling burgers and not offering fries, it’s a lot more like readers are the nurses and the spellcasters are the doctors. One is the “emotional, nurturing, caring” end of medicine with the other being the “scientist, nuts and bolts, body is a machine,” end. Both are needed.When I had cellulitis of the eye area a few years ago, the nurses were super nice, and encouraging and gave me shots I hated but made me laugh…then every med student, doctor, and probably even a few surgeons who were in no way focused on that area of the human body had to come in and see my monster eye and be like “Holy cellulitis, Batman! Look at that! Can I touch that? Doctor So and so, look at that presentation! That is the wildest cellulitis ever!” and the thing is, they were not mean or even intentionally unkind (I certainly felt like a circus freak,) they were just very interested in my condition and how it transpired that I came to having it PLUS what treatment was working. I was a 40 year old woman presenting with cellulitis with x cause, and y incubation time, and z response to (name meds,) and that was very interesting to them. They wanted to fix it, yes, but I was more like the disease that needed to be cured in the patient, than some complicated backstory of who I am, plus I have cellulitis. To the nurses, I was Cat, I was annoyed because I wanted to go back to work, I was hungry, some guy kept taking my blood, and I wasn’t going to be a big baby about getting an IV I just had to look away. But I was Cat who had cellulitis, and they gave me meds, and checked my stats,. but saw me as just a sick person they were helping get better, and keeping happy, not the disease that needed curing plus say a few pleasantries to the woman that disease is in like the doctor. So, to the spellcaster you are say… a 34 year old heterosexual cisgender male complaining of a break up caused by your former girlfriend who ran off with your best friend. You have tried to no other spells. You are mildly histrionic as it is recent. You have been blocked on all platforms. You show a proclivity towards anxiety. Probability of self-defeating spell-killing behaviors is about 40%. If I do (names of spells) and you can manage not to self-defeat, the likelihood of success is close to 87%.And to the psychic you are Maximillian, aka Max, who’s girl left him and who needs to know that’s not the end of the world. You’re worried about your job and your kids from your previous marriage. You are hurt that your best friend could do this to you and it’s impacting your ability to function at work and in life. If we just look into this maybe we can see why see where it’s going, but whatever is going on, we are going to get you back to where you understand and you feel better. Now, back in the day, it was basically understood that you were “supposed to” give readings if you did spells. I might explain this as being like a rural doctor. You knew all your patients quite well and you would be running many of the tests a nurse might run as you know how to do all those things. You of course, did both duties, and much without thinking them separate. In fact, a nurse practitioner might also be like a “back in the day spellcaster for hire,” as he or she knows all those tests but can do most of the things a doctor (at a general practitioner level) can do, yet, generally speaking does so with the view of a nurse which is showing kindness and compassion and dignity and not just “what makes this disease happen like this in this environment and how can I fix it?” Of course some spellcasters much preferred the readings end. Most of us who love spells though….we were like “OK, well if I’m expected to do this, I’ll do it.” I have friends who ONLY do readings and they LOVE IT. They never want to offer spells really because to them it’s too much of giving up on seeing this as “human beings” and being like “Well, if I do this and that, then the outcome will be….” And to the spellcaster that outcome is the important part…they want to fix the problem. Holding your hand and consoling you is taking time away from fixing the problem. It might be encouraging bad behavior even. The reader? The reader wants to hold your hand and console you. What end am I on? I’m a spellcaster…for sure. I know this because do you want to know the biggest surprise to me when I opened my store almost 20 years ago? That I would spend over 40 hours unpaid per week answering emails like “I thought a sad thought today. Why am I so sad? Is my life over? It’s been 43 minutes since I spoke to him/her.” I believed you can hand me a problem and I’d say “Hmm…this is a 22 year old female who is looking for a 24 year old male to fall in love with her, – he has shown initial interest but it is now flagging because of x variables, so I will do this and this and this for a spell…” and then give you a nice set of instructions (like I always do) like ‘don’t overthink it, don’t stalk this person, don’t fight with them, and let me know if things have changed in 2 weeks, OK?'”I really should post an audio clip of myself laughing hysterically, and send it back in time for that naïve young woman who had NO IDEA what she was getting herself into. Because my job is more like “Alright I’m getting up at 4am, doing these 5 spells, then it’s 9am to talk to (person for an hour) after which I’m going to cast these 2 spells, then it’s 4 hours of email support, now I’m billing this person, then a 2 hour reading with this person, then explaining this to this other person, now another 90 minutes for spellcasting, now 3 hours of paperwork/reassuring/explaining, now another hour reading, maybe eat something or shower, and a spellcasting and also chatting with these three clients until I find my way to my bed to lie down for “just a minute,” and the birds get in the bedroom and I wake up covered in birds, start day again, repeat.” I work 12-14 hour days…the birds miss me so they always try to get time with me and sometimes scream when I talk to you. Hell, if any of you have heard any significant other I’ve had in the background, they are generally fussing that I said I’d be done an hour or go or why haven’t I gotten to (chore) yet. My first husband used to come home and want my affection and comfort and some days I’d be like “Dude, if you want to complain, I get paid a nice figure to listen to that shit, otherwise, no,” which I’ve since heard therapist/psych friends say is very common in their profession after a long day of back to back patients.It’s a HUGELY HIGH ENERGY DRAINING JOB to offer spells and readings. I assume it’s hugely draining to offer only readings. It takes a BOATLOAD OF ENERGY to do spells every day. That is why some people who prefer the spell end of things say “I can just forgo this non stop emotionally draining part of the job, and give that to someone who specializes in it.” Just as some readers are like “I can be nurturing and emotionally supportive and help people with my guidance, but if they need a spell, there are people who specialize in it.”This is also why many people refuse to do love work. You spend so much time consoling someone, counseling them on how to behave or react, and then also working the spells. BUT, for what it’s worth, the money is better with readings. It’s little overhead, good pay. The spells are HUGE OVERHEAD, and if you can avoid a high-maintenance client, reasonable but not stunning pay. People UNDERSTAND readings better and therefore it is much easier to provide the service with little customer service as well.I can understand people avoiding it – readings can be tedious and draining, – if they love the spellcasting end…and it sure would be easier on the worker themselves to just view the situation as a spellworker does, but in the end, I think I’ve learned more by offering both, plus, I have clients who I consider friends and absolutely look forward to speaking with, and it’s helped me understand people far more than I did when I first started. :)Hope that clarifies,~Cat 

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