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The definitive how-to guide that will get you quickly up to speed on the practical application of XML Schema!
Replacing XML DTDs (Document Type Definitions) as the way in which XML documents are described and validated, XML Schema allows you to describe the structure of information in an XML document and is essential for ensuring the accuracy and security of information in B2B transactions and other XML applications. Since XML Schema defines a greater and more complex set of datatypes than XML DTDs– such as numbers, dates, times, and currencies– it is an invaluable tool for e-commerce applications. XML Schema also offers more flexibility than XML DTDs, with its ability to have users define datatypes for data (for example, an “address” can be further refined as a “postal address,” “billing address,” or “shipping address”) and its ability to validate documents based on namespaces, which allows for the distinction between identical terms being used in different contexts.
This hands-on guide uses extensive examples and source code to provide you with all the information you’ll need to understand and use XML Schema. Beginning with an example of a simple schema, the authors provide you with the opportunity to quickly become familiar with coding structure, and offer in-depth explanations for each example. The book progresses logically through basic schema concepts and applications such as datatypes and structures, and then gradually moves to more complex examples and advanced topics such as unique element and attribute values and keys.
As part of the XML Essentials series, this book features:
* Extensive examples and source code
* A casual, accessible style and tone geared toward professional developers and programmers
* An appendix of all datatypes
* An appendix of all data facets
The companion Web site provides all source code for the book as well as links to resources, experts, news groups, and newsletters.

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