Who Are the Christians in the Middle East?


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The Middle East continues to dominate international news and global politics. From the perspective of religion, however, many Americans think of that area only in terms of Muslims and Israeli Jews and are unaware of the extensive Christian communities that still exist there. “Who Are the Christians in the Middle East? “chronicles the history and current state of Christianity in this highly volatile region of the world.Written by a married couple who has lived and worked a long time in the Middle East, this book is must reading for anyone who wishes to be au courant on the Christian dimension of the Middle East. The Baileys describe each Christian denomination now active in the region and provide country-by-country reports on the present situation of the church. They also discuss the history of the relationship between church and state in the Middle East, pointing out the challenges to the future of Middle Eastern Christians.In addition to these larger discussions, the book features introductory chapters on the Middle East and Christianity written by David A. Kerr, a professor of Christianity in the non-Western world, and Riad Jarjour, general secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches. Also included are an informative timeline and short vignettes on people and places of special historical significance to the church in the Middle East.Based on personal experience, official church documents, and extensive interviews, “Who Are the Christians in the Middle East? “looks at the conflicted Middle East region from a perspective that has received scant attention in the mainstream media.

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