Webster’s New World Basic Dictionary of American English


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Webster’s New World(TM) Basic Dictionary of American English – The Dictionary You Can Count on to Help You … … understand what you’re reading. Nearly 50,000 entries cover the most basic and important terms you’ll meet every day in the news, at work, and in the classroom. Definitions are based on the renowned Webster’s New World College Dictionary-always reliable and up to date. … write with real confidence. Discussions of synonyms show you how to pick your words carefully and correctly. Notes on usage provide expert advice on grammar and punctuation. Over 25,000 examples of how words are actually used help you know from the start that you’re writing correctly. … know you have the facts on your side. Tables give you helpful information on everything from nations of the world and their capitals to standard measurements. The facts you need are always easy to find. The most complete resource with the most useful information about the words you really need to know.
* Instant, accurate spellings
* Reliable, easy-to-use pronunciations
* Common abbreviations
* Basic vocabulary in law, government, science, education, medicine, the arts, and more
* Widely used business and financial terms
* Entries for important people-historical and contemporary
* Geographical information for cities, countries, historic places, oceans, rivers, and mountain ranges worldwide
* Hundreds of clear, helpful illustrations

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