Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns


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Did you know that every 13 seconds one of America’s 70 million gun owners uses a firearm in defense against a criminal? That American women use handguns 416 times a day in defense against rapists, which is a dozen times more often than rapists use a gun? That a gun kept in the home for protection is 216 times as likely to be used in defense against a criminal than it is to cause the death of an innocent victim in that household?These are just a few of the surprises this book has in store for anyone whose belief in gun control is based on TV news or popular magazines.Award-winning novelist, screenwriter, and journalist, J. Neil Schulman, challenges the misinformation that pundits ranging from network anchors to ill-informed doctors are promoting about guns.Especially for the reader who doesn’t own a gun and has never even considered buying one, Stopping Power should be an eye-opener.

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