Consultant’s Guide to Publicity : How to Make a Name for Yourself by Promoting Your Expertise


You already know that the best way to promote your expertise as a consultant is to have your name appear frequently in the news or trade media–it’s fast, it’s free, and it reaches countless potential clients . . . BUT! How do you attract media attention? Which media outlets should you approach? What can you do that’s newsworthy? This one-of-a-kind handbook answers all these questions and many more. Publicity expert, consultant, and former magazine and newspaper editor Reece Franklin empties out his bag of tricks, tips, and insider’s savvy to give you all the tools you need to promote your services. He provides numerous samples of every type of publicity vehicle and explains everything in clear, jargon-free language. You won’t find any sophisticated academic theories, just straight-ahead, proven techniques that will help you deliver the right message to the right audience. You’ll learn how to: Pinpoint your most promotable ideas, skills, or services Identify the most appropriate media outlets for your kind of publicity Develop publicity vehicles such as news releases, company background information, press releases, newsletters, and press kits Become the source the media turn to when they need an industry expert to substantiate news articles Make sure the publicity you receive builds your business as well as your reputation You may already be a leader in your field. With the help of The Consultant’s Guide to Publicity, you can become a recognized leader in your field.


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