Business and Government in the Global Marketplace


Murray L. Weidenbaum runs the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy on the Washington University campus in St. Louis. His work in the Center makes him privy to the latest statistics and information on economic issues in the news today and his experience in the private and public sectors gives him an insider’s view of business and government policies. This Seventh Edition examines the latest critical changes in business and government from both perspectives. What’s New in the Seventh Edition New section on “global warming” (Chapter 4)
Revised section on the “California electric utilities” experience (Chapter 7)
New chapter on “terrorism and business” (Chapter 9)
New section on “globalization” (Chapter 11)
New section on “WTO and labor and environmental” standards (Chapter 12)
New chapter on global aspects of “energy policy” (Chapter 13)
New section on “taxing e-commerce” (Chapter 16)
Full revision of the chapter on “corporate governance” with new section on “Enron” (Chapter 20)


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