Adversity Quotient : Turning Obstacles into Opportunities


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What does it take to succeed in life? Why do some entrepreneurs succeed no matter what obstacles are thrown in their path, while others surrender and see their dreams crushed by adversity? Why do some people –given equivalent assets and opportunities –overcome adversity and soar to new heights, while others just give up? In the final analysis, what accounts for this discrepancy? According to internationally renowned business consultant Paul Stoltz, it all comes down to a person’s Adversity Quotient, or AQ. More significant than IQ, education, or social skills, your AQ measures your ability to prevail in the face of adversity –and the good news is that AQ can be increased dramatically and quickly. In this groundbreaking, results-oriented new book, Dr. Stoltz shows you how to assess your own AQ, while giving you the tools you need to permanently boost your ability to survive and succeed. Drawing on recent advances in psychoneuroimmunology, neurophysiology, and cognitive psychology, hundreds of studies and the reports of over 7,500 people who have taken his seminar, Dr. Stoltz provides proven techniques for becoming more productive, creative, and competitive while navigating today’s turbulent environment of change, threats, and setbacks. More than just a motivational book, Adversity Quotient details self-defeating traps that people fall into when encountering sudden changes, failures, and losses of every kind. You’ll learn how to identify the telltale traits that characterize The Quitter, The Camper, and The Climber and, through a carefully designed questionnaire, find out which best describes your mindset. You’ll discover how your reaction to adversity affects your overall physical and emotional health, and –most importantly –you’ll learn to apply scientifically grounded techniques for permanently strengthening how you respond to and deal with adversity. Dr. Stoltz can help you: Turn unexpected changes and losses into opportunities for greater success Break the cycle of automatic reactions of helplessness and depression Reduce time spent on self-blame, and dramatically increase the speed of recovery from setbacks Raise the productive and creative capacity of your organization during times of stress and struggle. An indispensable tool for business leaders, managers, professionals, educators, students, and parents, Adversity Quotient will change the way you understand, meet, and respond to all of life’s most difficult challenges. Praise for Adversity Quotient “With AQ, Paul Stoltz has done something remarkable: He synthesizes some of the most important information on how we influence our own future and then offers a profound set of observations which teach us how to thrive in a fast-changing world!” –Joel Barker, President, Infinity, Ltd. author of Paradigms “Adversity Quotient will show that you have more control over events than you think. The key is changing your beliefs. Believe it or not, that can usually be done in One Minute.” –Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager. “Paul Stoltz’s AQ explains why some people, teams, organizations, and societies fail or quit, and how others in the situation persevere and succeed. With this book, anyone or any organization can learn to reroute their AQ and hardwire their brain for success.” –Daniel Burrus, author, Technotrends “AQ is one of the more important concepts of our time. Paul Stoltz’s book provides the direction and tools necessary for putting this idea into practice. It is a must read for anyone interested in personal mastery, leadership effectiveness, and/or organizational productivity.” –Jim Ericson, Program Director, The Masters Forum.

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