There are few better-known folktales than the story of a gentlemanly outlaw roaming the forest with his band of merry men, robbing the rich to give to the poor. But where did the legend of Robin Hood come from? How come early versions of the story were much more grisly?Continue Reading

When people hear ‘safari’ most people immediately think ‘Africa’, and rightly so! For close on 100 years Africa has been the world’s premier wildlife destination. Here is just a sample of some of the outstanding locations you could visit!  Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Renowned for its diverse flora and fauna,Continue Reading

Hello, crafting friends!   The band Guns and Roses really missed a trick I think… Tigers and Roses has a much nicer ring to it! Well perhaps not – as you were then. Anyway, I had a little idea today and snatched a minute to see how it would look.Continue Reading