2020 is nearly over, and we can all agree that the year was not only deeply strange but also one that flew by with remarkable speed. This means that, regrettably, tax season is almost upon us, and we need to begin organizing our paperwork and financial records more thoroughly soContinue Reading

Hello, crafting friends! I have two more cards to share with you before I sink into holiday relaxation mode! CHRISTMAS ON THE MOVE A friend of mine moved house this month. Can you even begin to imagine how stressful that must have been at this time?! After many ups andContinue Reading

In this archive episode, historian, author and broadcaster Colin Grant discusses his book, Homecoming: Voices of the Windrush Generation, which tells the stories of postwar immigrants who moved to Britain from the Caribbean. How to download the HistoryExtra podcast Download as MP3 Journal of Human Hypertension Ad. Use PAYONEER toContinue Reading

We wish you peace, good health, special memories, and lots of time for knitting this holiday! We are closed in-store December 24, 25, 26 (and also January 1), but of course we’re always open online. You can place your orders any time online, and we will get them shipped outContinue Reading

The lead prosecutor in the Mueller investigation reacts to President Donald Trump pardoning Paul Manafort, his former campaign manager who pleaded guilty to multiple crimes. Andrew Weissmann says that President Trump was successful in using pardons to encourage key witnesses like Manafort and Roger Stone not to cooperate with theContinue Reading