The British and French sprinters and their trainers circled Belgian officials in protest, gesticulating angrily towards the man at the far end of the cinder track with the starting pistol in his hand – the marksman they were accusing of making a false start that had resulted in America’s CharleyContinue Reading

After a quarantine summer in 2020, you will yearn to give in to wanderlust this year. The vaccines and flatter curves have made it possible, but you cannot still expect to travel as usual. International holidays are passé due to travel restrictions. You will also have to tick off crowdedContinue Reading

Michael Burleigh discusses his book Day of the Assassins: A History of Political Murder, which considers what we can learn from looking at assassinations as a category of political violence. He also talks about some of the key assassinations through history, from Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln to the mysterious 1986Continue Reading

Don’t weep, whipped cream, it’s all going to be alright. Sure, you have a tendency to lose your spine as you sit out for a while (you fall, you run, and, no offense, you become a little unappetizing), but we’re about to fix that. Chin up! There are lots ofContinue Reading