Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Caribbean in 1492 kicked off a massive global interchange of people, animals, plants and diseases between Europe and the Americas. Two hundred million years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, all seven continents were united in a single massive supercontinent known as Pangaea. AfterContinue Reading

Tibidabo Amusement Park, Image Credit: Thomas Nozina, Unsplash Anyone who has fantasized about endless summers on the Costa del Sol, the late-night buzz of ancient towns and cities, fresh dishes, or wandering the streets of Barcelona, Madrid, Grenada, and Seville, can now make those fantasies a reality with new entryContinue Reading

Hello, crafting friends! Happy Thursday and welcome to a large helping of fabulous inspiration courtesy of the latest Tic Tac Toe Challenge! Here’s this week’s board: I could have gone with any of the rows OR columns this week but in the end I opted for the left-hand column Stencil//AnyContinue Reading