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Hey Occulties,First, I’d like to apologize as a year ago at this time, I was, for the most part, far less busy. This gave some people the idea that I’m NEVER busy. Don’t get me wrong, readings were getting done, spells were being bought and cast, but I definitely had more free time. Now I have a lot of INQUIRIES but many of them are a WASTE OF TIME because INQUIRIES DO NOT MEAN SALES….and to top that off, I’m also doing pretty good on keeping the schedule full. Readings, spells…I am getting up at FOUR IN THE FREAKIN’ MORNING to start my spells and set up every day, which that means I’m busy. 😀 BUT it also means dropped communications here and there due to an overactive inbox. In an effort to streamline PLEASE USE MY EMAIL, and DO NOT TEXT for the moment and also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if it’s been MORE THAN THREE BUSINESS DAYS (M-F) RESEND ANYTHING I HAVE NOT REPLIED TO. Mercury may have retrograded in my inbox here or there, and again, it’s been very active in my inbox…which sounds dirtier than I had intended. The thing I need to emphasize is not the bad though, because this is great. My dream is literally to drop dead at my desk whilst working unto the very end. You know how some people say things like “I want to retire” and “Forty hours is too much work per week?” I am not either of those people. More work and no retirement is my dream. So I’m living the dream. Plus it’s my favorite month everrrr… I love October. I love the leaves, I love Libras (future Mr NinjaCat is a sexy mofo,) I love the weather…and I love those little freakin’ candy bars they put out at Halloween. Soooooo….while I MUCH PREFER people getting a standard 7-day spellcasting package (which is like 4-5 spells all cast once a day for seven days,) but I also like WORKING MY FREAKING FACE OFF (I am in no way joking, I love it, thus proving that both my husbands were right when they accused me of being married to my job, and that I’m a workaholic,) I will offer the following for the rest of OCTOBER 2021. A single spellcasting, cast for THREE DAYS (so one spell, not 4-5, and cast once a day for three days, as opposed to seven) is $125 USD. To take advantage of this special email me at the same place OR contact me through my site! 🙂 See, the above is like the “little candy bar” version of my regular “candy bar.” :DAnd because, let’s just be honest, I love big things too (I’m an American and we tend to like everything oversized, which is probably why many of us Americans are also oversized, hehe,) I am also taking 10% off the biggest thing I sell which is the one year plan. That’s a lot of money. That’s $275 off. It’s $2475. Contact me for details.Something little, something big – OMG I LOVE OCTOBER! Alright…writing out a spell article now. 🙂 ~Cat

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