Obsession Spell


Hey Occulties,So if you ever read my book, you may have come across this one. I figured since y'all want someone to be obsessed all the time, you might enjoy it here for free. :)You will need:A pink figural candle in the sex of the desired target13 pinsPoppy seedLicorice rootTobaccoCome to MeLove MeFollow Me (Boy/Girl)A sock or undergarment belonging to the target (unwashed)Set the figural candle as described here. You will want to place pins in the heart, in the groin, in the buttocks, one in each eye, one in the throat, one through each hand, one in each foot, one in the belly, and one in each knee. As you place each pin, say “(Name of target), have no rest, have no peace, be tortured and be pained in your (body part being “pinned) until you come to me full of love and passion and desire!”Anoint the candle with each of your oils (you may need to use a Q-tip or swab for this. It’s kind of annoying with the pins in,) anointing up (base to wick) and sprinkle this with your herbs. Place the figural into a fire safe container, and light it. Holding your hands on each side of the candle, envision purple, red, and pink energy swirling from your palms into the candle while trying to keep the image of your target in your mind’s eye. If this is difficult for you, place an image of your target near the altar. Try to keep this in your mind for at least thirty seconds and say “(Name of target,) have no rest, have no peace, take no drink, nor eat no food. Find no pleasure, find no joy, and be with no other sexually or passionately until you come to me. Spirits of this place, seek (name of target) out and drive him/her mad with the need to see me, hear me, taste me, and touch me. Drive from his/her eyes, drive from his/her ears, and drive from his/her mind any other person who is not me. Obsess and control and torture and push and drive (name of target) to me. Fill him/her with want of me. Fill him/her with desire and love for me. Oh, (name of target,) I conjure you here at this moment at this hour to be tortured until you come to me and that all your thoughts be of me and know you are mine and mine alone!” Now wait, still keeping the image in your mind’s eye as described above. The will be something. A sound, perhaps, or a feeling, or any small sign like a pop. It might take 5 minutes, but it will come. When you get that sound, feeling, sense, etc, say “It is mine, as I have willed it! So be it!” Allow the candle to burn out. When it has, take the pins out of the wax and place them into the unwashed sock. Keep this under or near your bed until you tire of your lover’s obsession. When you tire of them, remove all pins from the sock and throw both away.Let me know if you have questions,~Cat

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