Not Dead (Yet) – New Class Due Date, and Where In the Feck Was I For 2 Days

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Hey there all,So, as some of you may know, my birthday always falls right next to Thanksgiving. For the last few years, it really didn’t matter as I just didn’t celebrate it, which in turn made me unhappy because I’m always so excited about my birthday. Well, after the year I’d had (which, quite frankly, outdid many people’s 2020 in a spectacular fashion of badness that this year is so very infamous for having already,) my friends decided that it was time to celebrate the greatest holiday there ever was (and which is practiced in all religions and cultures world wide,) which is my birthday.To celebrate in the traditional manner, Stoli vodka was brought forth in great and copious amounts, but tradition was also deviated from in that tequila and whiskey also made an appearance. And this was no one day event, despite the fact that my birthday is only one day. NOPE…my birthday lasted from Thanksgiving until about 2am on November 30, when it was only myself and one other person still standing, and we had drunk all the booze there was to drink. It was epic, it was amazing…And it left me with a hangover that I think I am just getting rid of today, about 3 days later. Because I’m 43 and I’m not supposed to even be capable of surviving such an epic bacchanalia of alcohol consumption on the anniversary of my first breath. BUT I DID SURVIVE, I just definitely felt like recycled ass for a few days. I could barely sit up without the world spinning wildly, and with waves of vodka flavored vomit barely being held back. So…yep, I dropped the ball. Had I the sense to use this large brain the Good Lord gave me, I’d have started the class the WEEK after my birthday (it is well known for LOTS AND LOTS OF SHENANIGANS AND ALCOHOL so there’s always a recovery period,) but stupid me, I just assumed it would suck as badly as the previous 3 had sucked. And while I hate to say it, I really just don’t drink much anymore, so I wasn’t nearly at my peak form when I used to drink a hell of a lot more frequently. :/I don’t want everyone to wait forever. I need to finish up a few things, which I planned to do on Thanksgiving weekend, but I can without a doubt have all of week one out on Thursday, December 3. Following this, every single lesson will come on a TUESDAY, so the next lesson will arrive on Tuesday, December 8. I do apologize to anyone who is angry with me for being late. If I feel that sick, I only work at about 50% capacity. I have moments where I feel just fine, and then will get hit with hangover all over again. Think about it a bit like getting hit by a truck and then the truck driving away only so it can turn around and hit me again, and then again, and that was this hangover. I managed to do spells (and I’d never think I was grateful for being in a slow week, but it REALLY was awesome when I only had to work two spellcastings instead of my average which is much much higher,) and I managed a few replies. I tried to get my late writing in but glowing screens triggered my hangover illness. Soooo, if it’s any consolation, I’ve suffered quite a bit for enjoying my birthday so much, and it will remind me to behave myself until my birthday next year. :)~Cat  

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