My Thoughts on Septembers…(like the entire month, almost every year, heh.)


Hey kids,I've been speaking to many of you this week regarding the month ahead (well the next 2/3 of it,) and the following is basically my experience with this month through 17 years of business… September is often slow with sales. This is fine, and it has nothing on the Holiday Slump (Thanksgiving til Christmas,) wherein I can expect one week to be that I sold a single reading or similar, because the Holiday Slump is brutal like that. Since many of you asked about Cat v Greasy Landlord, I'm not sure where that's going but at the moment it looks more positive than it has. Since I'm gearing up for a slow month, that also means watching my expenses, because I get paid by the job, BUT it also means more free time to write and to speak with clients which is a nice break after an extraordinarily busy spot this summer. This means that while I don't expect business to pick up, because it's a slow time in my business, it would actually be the time of year wherein I have extra time to devote to any situation given to me. This also means if someone's situation has been stubborn over the summer, that I will have that extra time to put my proverbial boot to the proverbial ass of that situation and make it do WTF I told it to already. :)So, I do appreciate everyone's concern about me v Landlord, but given I have so much free time at the moment, it's been easier to deal with. On the flip side of that coin some of you told me you would wait to get x or y for when there is a sale, and since I expect lower sales in this month, I'm not planning on running any sales for a bit, so it might be awhile. :/ If you're cool to wait until maybe November or so, I might do a sale then…I'm not sure, as that is close to the holiday slump. If I feel like I'm going to get some nice active cases by doing a sale and I'm lacking a full schedule, I'll run a sale. So, if I get that feeling around the beginning of november, I'll run a really awesome sale to be sure I'm busy throughout the holiday season, even when new business drops off for that month or so. BUT as far as a sale now? No, no plans for one.Best,~CatBelow I've placed a humorous image for you to all laugh at. 🙂 This is because this is the excitement of September for you – I have time to find humorous images on the internets to make you laugh. 😉

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