My Mistake, September is not Slow


Hey Occulties,I'm sure I've told you that one high maintenance client takes the time of 10 clients. So, when I say something like “What a nice quiet September it is,” and then at least three-quarters of my active client list flips the “high-maintenance” switch on, that can be a bad thing for sure. I did it to myself. I've been saying for two days that I must never tell people I have free time, because when I do, this sort of thing happens. So, while I know many of you will not mind this, please keep in mind the following… If I tell you not to do a thing – be that not to engage in a behavior or an action, – then you do that thing, and it slows your manifestation or kills it, this actually is very upsetting to me because it's the same as you asking me to make you a beautiful work of art, and when I do, you smash it to bits, but what's even more infuriating is that you want me to console you for destroying it, and then encourage you while I try to make you that same lovely work of art again…often free of charge for you, even though you went against instructions that would have stopped you from destroying the very thing I put so much effort into. Clearly I run a figurative chinashop and am currently suffering from an infestation of furious enraged bulls (well, more like depressed if I'm comparing what I'm getting with clients,) in my figurative china shop. :(I promise, I will try to avoid telling you I have so much free time again, because I don't want a repeat of this week. The amount of emotional turmoil and time spent reassuring people for self-made problems has really taught me not to do that. I pinky swear. I mean, damn, it's only Wednesday. I normally have 50-75 active cases and my current 15-20 load is mysteriously taking more time than my average caseload at the moment. Please kindly stop getting distressed all at once. Is that even possible? I'm sending out an anti-distress-signal either way. I'm not sure if some astrological thing happened like a planet entirely exploded, but I am pretty overwhelmed in the last few days with all of the emotional turmoil and distress brought on by engaging in behaviors/actions I've repeatedly said not to engage in. It's not like you were told to stop eating or drinking or sleeping, but if you really can't stop obsessing or social media is that irresistible…maybe you'd benefit more from Xanax than my advice. I'm legitimately concerned here. This is pretty epic. Are you going to be OK?Like if it was just 2 of you, that's normal. Did a planet explode? I better check the news. Ugh. ~Cat

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