Mercury F**king Retrograde


Hey everyone, Guess what time it is? It's time for Mercury Retrograde…(coming on Sept 27, but you're probably feeling it now because of the “shadow phase, and until October 17.)This means you can expect problems with electronics, electronic banking, devices, accounts, and all sorts of weirdness (as someone who deals directly with payment services and who's business phone has been ridiculous for the last 2 days, I can assure you, yeah it's going to be a fun one,) and you should be careful about starting any NEW business ventures. This also means you might have someone from your past contacting you, or many someone's, yes, even your ex. It also means it is a great time to revisit old contracts and restructure businesses and re-establish contact with people from your past. IT DOES NOT MEAN TIME TO PANIC. I find mercury retrogrades can be annoying, but my main annoyance with them is virtually always to do with like weird issues with apps and electronic accounts and electronic finance, and of course I have Spectrum for my business phone, so I have more issues with Spectrum. I do not find I'm suddenly fighting with everyone or being misunderstood like some people fear.One thing that I could do without is also I tend to have a few exes pop up and be like “Hey, girl,” which I do not really need. HOWEVER, I have more than one client who would LOVE their ex to get in touch.Remember SATURN is still retrograde until the 10th of October, which means that you may find yourself re-examining old contracts (probably part of the fuel for my Cat v Greasy Landlord issue,) as well as hearing about some marriages either getting closer or starting to fray, and long term friendships doing the same. So…while we wheel into Mercury Retrograde in a Saturn Retrograde (it's been retrograde since May 23, so you may have already notice it,) we can't forget that…Jupiter is also retrograde (since June 20, and til October 17,) which is not actually a bad thing…because one thing I like about Jupiter retrograde is it's a really great time to bring all those things you kept trying to manifest into your life prior to the retrograde into fruition. However, you may find you are having a hard time growing wealth if you tried to initiate growing it back in June. Think more…long term goals that fell flat early in the year even though you got part way there are really good to revisit and put a boot in the ass of the problem and bring it to fruition. Neptune is also retrograde (June 25-Dec 1,) which means many of us are probably getting really sick of seeing things how they are, which is it's beauty… I like to think of a Neptune retrograde as being when we all take our rose colored glasses off, and see that things aren't as awesome as we have been telling ourselves, but that we can see past our hopes and desires and work with what we have to improve our lives and bring ourselves to a better place (then comfortably put our happy rose colored glasses on.) For some people the ugly truth might be too ugly….if you find yourself feeling a bit uninspired and a bit ground down, just remind yourself it's only temporary…because guess what else? Since August 19 and going into January 18, 2022, Uranus is also retrograde. All this means is do not do any action which you say the words “Fuck it,” before you take said action or act on your impulses easily. Think things out. Uranus is far enough away that this is a bit like “Hey look, Neptune is already retrograde and you're seeing things for how they are without the sparkly veneer, but when that pulls direct, there's a chance I'm going to send you a crazy impulsive decision moment, and it's going to be a bad idea…ha ha ha, just wait and see,” so in a way, that Neptune retrograde is helping us, but there's going to be basically a time during the holidays where everyone's going to be thrown a few bad impulsive decisions and you should not just act on them.So…yay, practically everything is retrograde, kids… and while I'm sure many of you are like “HOLY SHIT,” I'm over here like “Let's use this shit and cast spells on everyone woooooooo,” which isn't even an impulsive decision on my part, because I've been waiting for this to happen and enjoy using retrogrades to spur my magic. With Neptune retrograde sending clarity to my vision, you bet your ass I'm going to kick asses and take names.~Cat  

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