Low on Natural Light? These 6 Indoor Plants Will Thrive Anyway

Looking for a plant that will survive in your dark bathroom or next to a north-facing window in your home? Or maybe in your basement window? Don’t fret—there are lots of different houseplants that thrive in low-light conditions.

But can a plant survive in a totally windowless room? The short answer to this question is… no. There is no living plant that will do well in a room that does not have at least a sliver of natural light, and while some of the plants on this list may be able to survive in artificial light for a short period of time, eventually—unless you give them a spin around your home to get some light every so often—they will die from lack of exposure to sunlight. If you have a windowless room in your home that's crying out for a plant, consider adding grow lights which will help provide a plant with the light that it needs to survive.


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