Little Problems That Delay/Impede Manifestations


Hey Occulties,Just a brief little article for you on this beautiful September Sunday.So I frequently get questions regarding why this or that isn’t manifesting, and as you guessed, nine times out of ten (if not closer to 49 times out of 50,) it’s lust for results. We’ve been over lust for results so many times that I’m reasonably certain you are all ready to die if you have to read about that again, ha ha. However, over the years, I’ve identified a number of subtypes of this phenomena and I think I have a new article to help everyone quit engaging in those anti-manifestation behaviors (including some which may not fall under the lust-for-results umbrella,) so let’s discuss getting your spellwork to manifest, shall we? Both of us will be happier when you start getting results with your spells (regardless of if you’re casting or I am!) because then I won’t get the same questions/problems in my inbox so often.Problem #1 – you’ve already decided what your outcome will be (and it isn’t what you wanted.) This may seem bizarre but I get a strong number of people who come to me with a dark and sour demeanor, who are like “I know this won’t work,” or are acting clearly as though they believe they will not get what they are spellcasting for. This might surprise you, but you’re manifesting failure before you’ve even started! Don’t do that! When we “know” some outcome will be bad, we are literally drawing that bad outcome to us. While some people try to argue to me that they are merely prepping themselves for possible failure, I disagree that is true.For example, let’s say you start dating someone new. You have a long history of choosing partners who eventually cheat, so you “know” this person will cheat, too. You start becoming insecure, demanding, accusatory, and eventually this new partner gets sick of being accused of cheating when they aren’t. When someone new and more patient catches their eye, they text you to let you know that they are leaving you for (new person’s name,) and you say to yourself “Well, I knew that would happen, – everyone always cheats on me!”  Well, if you hadn’t become so insecure and demanding, that likely wouldn’t have happened. Most people cheat for one of two reasons, – either they can never just have one partner (and you can usually identify these people well before the relationship gets serious, and choose for yourself if you still want it to be serious once you realize they are this type of person,) or because they lack something in their relationship. Believe it or not, lacking the trust of your partner is definitely lacking something and that might drive someone to cheat. So if this can happen in the mundane – you convincing yourself everything is doomed and then beginning to behave in such a manner that it makes doom and gloom actually happen, – it shouldn’t surprise you that you can do the very same thing to a spell! If I say “I know this won’t work,” then my very doubt and negativity create a “make this spell not work,” energy. Look, I don’t think if you suddenly convince yourself that you can fly that you will actually begin flying, or anything like that, – I realize the power of the mind is not the only limit in life, – but I do also know that spellcasting requires faith. If you’re always negative and believe it won’t work…well, there is now a far stronger chance it won’t – at least while you’re fixated on it. See, the funny thing there is, I also have a fair share of clients and readers who spellcasted and spellcasted for a thing, and when they got sick and tired of “being disappointed” (which was generally them obsessing and feeling a lot of self-pity,) and moved on, suddenly all their spells started to manifest. 😛 And before anyone tells me I’m being judgy, guess who does this to at least 2/3 of her money spells? Me. I am so acclimated to my money spells manifesting after I needed the money, that at this point, I’m like “I guess I’ll get this fecking money after the due date of needing it comes and goes,” and of course, that is very often what happens, hahaha.Problem #2 – You expect immediate gratification. People are sometimes surprised to know that spells often do not work overnight. Even if this isn’t news to them, they will think they are exception to the rule. I am here to let you know that no matter how good you are at spells, the vast majority of them do not work overnight. Hell, the vast majority seem to take over a week to manifest. There’s even that personal target I had who took 60 days almost to the minute to have a spell manifest on him almost every single time I cast a spell on him. So while this is all good and fine, and it never hurts to remind ourselves to stop being so impatient sometimes, this also can make people do more and more spellwork while they wait for the spellwork to manifest. I am also prone to doing this, so you aren’t alone. That’s all great and fine until you (and I) realize….We just did the spell-equivalent of using a stick of dynamite to kill a bug.And that might also be just fine because too much of a good thing can be an even more good thing, but sometimes you just wanted to sort of nudge something in your direction, and the more subtle nudge would have been better. For example, some years back, I jumped right into a love drawing on a young man I’d been dating for all of about a week. The next thing I knew he was saying I love you and telling me I was his dream girl and he introduced me to his parents – which would have been fantastic if he wasn’t actually kind of creepy and didn’t have a severe Oedipus complex like calling his mom directly after we fooled around to tell her play by play what we did while I was standing in his kitchen just looking disturbed. Clearly, my spells were doing all I wanted and more, except I didn’t want those things now. I often see this with lust and with cursing. Either someone becomes downright rapey because they are so lusty for you when it all hits, or you just wanted your enemy to have bad luck, and now you feel awful because you absolutely exploded their life into smithereens and it’s showing no signs of stopping.And also some people who expect instant gratification are sometimes just as immediately downtrodden and then become “problem #1,” too, so there’s that.Problem #3 – You confuse modern technology and convenience with actual magic or actual divination, for the sake of convenience, of course. Let’s just get this out of the way – no there is no such thing as a tarot card app that works. There, I said it. I’ve been reading cards for over 30 years, and I don’t even think an unseasoned deck works very well but it would work at least better than something you can’t physically hold. No, I am not being old and grumpy. If you are not attuned to your method of divination, it’s not apt to work. Random number generating algorithms and overly positive descriptors are not how you read cards or any method of divination.I’m not saying technology can’t advance to where we might be doing magic through a computer, but rather I see people literally getting spells off of memes from a dubious source and telling me if they spit hot pepper spit in someone’s direction this meme told them that this will curse the person. I personally think if you’re the one spitting scotch bonnet pepper juice, you’re more cursed than your enemy, but then I also know that you’re not casting a spell as is. If someone can post it on a meme, you might want to disregard it. I know we all have to learn somewhere, but I’d actually suggest you try the written word – some blogs and sites exists, like mine but also others, where there are myriads of spells and occult literature for you to learn from, and I also recommend these weird rectangular things we all used to enjoy back in the day called books. I have yet to see any YouTube or TikTok videos where I wasn’t laughing at the end because they were that…um, not informative, and often made by someone who shouldn’t be instructing others at this point in their learning, but I am a big enough person to assume there are some kickass videos online somewhere…just that the amount of bad ones I’ve seen leads me to believe it might be some years before we have a good source for me to point you in that direction. I much more trust the written word over any other method of finding good spells. If you want a meme or a video, you probably haven’t lasted this long in reading this, but frankly if you want to learn real magic, at this writing, I’d stay as far from those video sites as possible. And if you want a spellcasting app…I’ve seen a few programs that were supposed to be just that, but for the time being I also think the classical methods using an altar and real herbs and candles and roots and physical items and etc are the way to go over using any app. That said, I’m not a master of psionics, and people who are practitioners of psionics might be able to help you with an app as that suits with their paradigm. I practice hoodoo which is pretty big on physical ingredients.Problem #4 – You have unrealistic expectations. This is really a multitude of problems. On the one hand, someone might have the expectation that if they burn a birthday candle once and ask for money that they should expect a windfall amount. On another hand, someone might think they can be as bad and mean and awful as they want to be because they did a reconciliation spell, and so their ex will come back to them no matter what. On yet another hand, you might have someone who sees what they want coming into fruition, but doesn’t like HOW it’s happening (example, the client I had many years ago who wanted her ex to dream about coming back to her as being why he returned telling me I failed her because the guy did return to her but not because of any dreams – he didn’t remember his dreams!) Look, magic can really change your life for the positive, but having unrealistic expectations of spellwork can be damaging to it manifesting as well as to your psyche. We get to put in “the order” for what we want. How and why it manifests remains a mystery to us until we get what we want. We need to keep within the sphere of availability (so sometimes this requires a few spells like one might take a few steps to solve any large problem,) and we also have to keep in mind that if burning a freaking birthday candle won anyone the Powerball lottery, we’d all be doing that all the damn time. Money work tends to manifest as money owed coming to you and more business or a raise, and gambling spells are much better used on games of chance which have far better odds than lottery wins. Also if you work against your spell, you’re the reason that manifestation is taking so long (if not happening,) so blame your damn self, and not the work.Your old friend, Cat is here to tell you what you can expect, and how to help your spells manifest if you’re ever curious, but for goodness sake, please ask before you might engage in some self-defeating behaviors! And STOP ASKING HOW AND WHY it would happen. I can always tell something is going to fizzle when I get “I just don’t get how there is any reason this could happen,” because you are obviously THINKING THE SPELL TO DEATH trying to suss that out without remembering that you will know how and why it manifested when it manifests (and I guarantee 99 times out of 100 it makes so much sense once you get what you want that you are pleasantly surprised that you didn’t think of it!)Problem #5 Everything is always bad news (sort of related to problem #1 but not,) until you get manifestation. If you’ve ever worked with me, you know how much I resent when people come in every day and need me to put a positive spin on what’s going on in their situation. I realize we all get overwhelmed sometimes and need a cheerleader or someone to help us see a silver lining, but if every time something happens that you didn’t expect (and sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s blah, and sometimes it what’s I term a “false negative,”) you fall into negative thinking, complaining and asking me if you should just “give up,” you’re going to drive me insane. In fact, you’d drive everyone insane.This is where I give the old “roll with the punches,” speech: Look, you ultimately make the decision whether or not to panic or be miserable, and while I think any of us can stumble and fall and need some encouragement, if you constantly become noticeably upset or angry or freaked when something happens and demand others try to encourage you or reassure you, you’re going to run out of friends, and you’re never going to be able to hire me after you get what you want because I have a limited amount of time and patience, too. It is ultimately up to you to stay upbeat or not become dark and brooding and nasty. That might mean avoiding known triggers to this behavior, that might mean telling yourself to calm down when you get upset by a trivial occurrence like a “favorite” or “like” on social media, or it might mean clearing your mind instead of inventing hurtful scenarios in your head then getting mad at someone for things they never thought nor did. If I get bad news when I’m working on a situation it can unbalance me, too, but instead of sitting there and fussing on it, I get back up and steady myself, – and more often than not, the manifestation still happens, and shortly thereafter, – the difference being I didn’t stress myself out or start thinking my work to death in the interim. This is what I call rolling with the punches – it means even if you get knocked off balance, you balance yourself right back as fast as possible.Problem #6: You were absent that day that they taught that one of the KEY requirements to spellcasting is to “Keep Silent” until the spell manifests. Why are you posting a picture of a spell casting for a spell which hasn’t yet manifested? You do know that you just let however many people looking at it think it to death alongside you, right? And if you’re in some group where that isn’t discouraged? Leave the group. Whoever is running it should discourage showing images of active, non-manifested work to a large chat group, and if they don’t, they don’t know magic. I don’t think it’s mandatory that no one know, but keep the group that does know small (not like 100 people certainly, even over 5 would be a stretch,) and keep it to yourself until it manifests. Everyone who knows about your spellwork can think it to death with you.Alrighty that’s it for now kiddos. And pre-emptively, no this isn’t about any of you. There is this fear of becoming a blog topic, and frankly this stuff is so common for me to see, I’m not at all trying to call anyone out. If I avoiding discussing problems I see frequently everytime one arose, I’d literally never be able to publish any of my articles more or less ever again.~Cat

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