Jar Spell to Improve Communication with your Partner


Hey there Occulties,Phew, this week was definitely crazy, but I think it's starting to normalize. I did check the news and a planet has not blown up as I suspected might be the problem, haha.Anyhow I know a lot of you have missed some fun spell articles so I'm here to remedy that. :DSo a lot of the time people complain to me about a situation which, if I'm being fair, is rooted in POOR COMMUNICATION. I've told people for years that if everyone suddenly improved their communication skills, yours truly might be out of a job. Now, while this certainly won't solve all of your issues, the following is a very helpful remedy when you're arguing with your romantic partner too much and you feel the problem is stemming from – you guessed it – poor communication. 😛 You will need:Deer's tongue herb (not actually a deer's tongue)Tobacco (preferably sweetened tobacco from a super cheap cigar,)Honey (or sweet syrup)Pink rose petalsThree pieces of cloth ribbon (one of each) in orange, light blue, and pink of equal length (about a foot each is more than enough)A hair from your head (you may also use the lining of a hat only you wear, or failing that, spittle on a napkin)A hair from the head of your partner (or the lining of a hat only they wear, or failing that, spittle on a napkin)A medium to small jar with a lidA package of pink birthday candles*A package of blue birthday candlesA package of orange birthday candlesLove me or Love Drawing oil Chuparosa oilKeeping in your mind's eye, the image of you and your partner happy and getting along fine (it's OK to use a picture and keep it in front of you to help your visualization,) anoint your fingers with the Love Me and Chuparosa oils (adding more to your fingertips as needed,) and braid your three ribbons together, weaving the hair (or hat piece, or napkin piece,) into the braid as you do. Secure the braid on each end by tying a knot. Place this into your jar, along with a few drops of Love me and Chuparosa oil, tobacco, rose petal and deer's tongue. Use as much or as little herbal matter as you'd like, but try to keep it to equal parts. I put probably about 2 tablespoons of each into my jar. Pour in honey to fill the jar and seal it. I know not everyone feels they can send energy into a thing, but I recommend holding the jar in both hands and trying to fill it with orange, light blue and pink energy, while still keeping in your mind's eye yourself and your partner getting along and happy, until you feel the jar is full. If you do not feel like you can do this, merely sit for a few minutes visualizing while holding the jar. Starting on a Wednesday, and working every Wednesday, Friday, and Monday for so long as you want (or until the problem is remedied,) you will burn a pink, blue, and orange candle simultaneously each time on the lid of the jar, saying “(Name of partner,) speak to me sweetly, speak to me kind, talk to me from your heart, always happy that you're mine,” as you light each candle. You can secure the candles with their own drippings and it's OK to say the chant while you are so doing. Once you have lit and secured the third candle, after saying the chant the third time, you say “As is my will, so be it” and allow the candles to burn out. This works marvelously well with arguing couples. It's very simple to make and it's very simple to do. When you are not burning candles on the jar, the jar itself is giving off energy to keep you sweet and loving and speaking – the candles are like a little booster to that energy. Most people remark that the situation has improved within the week.Store the jar in a dark private place when not burning candles on it, and remove the wax debris as needed to prevent fire accidents. Since I'm always asked, when using lunar cycles, the best is the day after the new moon to the first quarter to begin. ~Cat :)*chime candles may also be used. 

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