‘I started bawling my eyes out’: how coronavirus wrecked marriage plans

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The US had 845,000 weddings slated for March through May but the pandemic has prompted disappointment, delays and some creative thinking

Jennifer Clymer and Edgar Pablos have a relationship right out of When Harry Met Sally. After the Los Angelenos met on a film set in 1999, they became fast friends, performing the stand-by-me act for one another through years of mutual failed attempts at finding lasting love.

As dyed-in-the-wool Gen Xers, Clymer, 48, and Pablos, 47, share an obsession with classic 80s cinema. So naturally the say-anything bosom buddies finally up-shifted to full romcom hyperdrive after they pulled into a drive-in showing of The Goonies in 2015.

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