How to Get New Instagram Followers Fast

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By this time we already know that if we want to be anyone, sell something or get public recognition of our business we need to have an Instagram account. We also need as many followers as possible to make it look legit.

The thing is that many of us have followed the trend of using a bot once or twice to boost our followers. This usually ends up being worse because you get almost no interaction on your posts, cero sells and takes away from your credibility.

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Even worse, after a while you start losing all those followers you have paid for.

At the same time, to get free followers for Instagram in an organic way requires a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of expertise. Some of us can’t afford to spend so much time building an audience that will start bringing clients. So how do we fix this in a way that doesn’t hurt our new business’ image or our wallet?

My Tip Get New Instagram Followers

My Tip Get New Instagram Followers

After a lot of research, courses, and apps that I tried while looking for an answer to this dilemma I came across GetInsta. This is an app that offers to get you, followers, for a small monthly subscription.

Due to all my previous bad experiences with apps and paid platforms I was a bit skeptical, but then I saw that they offered a 1000 free Instagram followers trial with a lot of interesting claims.

The main things that caught my eye were that they said that the 1000 followers would be delivered within 24 hours and that they would be real accounts. This should mean that you would get some more organic interactions on your posts right?

So I downloaded and set it up. Right away I started seeing an influx of new followers into my account. A week or so after I went back and checked my analytics. I was happy to see that it seemed that my posts were getting more interactions from followers.

It has been a few months and even with the natural ups and downs that you get on Instagram with the followers, I never dropped anywhere near the number I had before using this free trial of the app. So I am seriously considering to get their monthly subscription.

The last thing that I noticed when using the app was their reward system. You will be asked to do some tasks that include following profiles or linking images in exchange for coins that you can then redeem for followers. However, if you don’t want to do this, you are completely free to skip all tasks.

I guess that’s how they get authentic accounts to like, comment, and follow your account. This is an interesting and new way to get people to discover you and your business don’t you think?

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