Embroidered capes aside, here’s how to support female film-makers

Natalie Portman had some snubbed names stitched into her red carpet outfit; here are five more ways to try and enable women directors to get a fairer shake

There was plenty of fury at the usual lack of female representation at the Oscars and Baftas this year, but how does that translate into positive change and diversity on screen? Steve Martin and Chris Rock bemoaned the lack of “vaginas” among the nominees for best director during the Academy Awards ceremony. Meanwhile, Natalie Portman had the names of overlooked female directors embroidered by Dior in gold on her ceremonial cape, only to be rewarded by Rose McGowan’s unceremonious response that “Portman’s type of activism is deeply offensive to those of us who actually do the work.” But women directed only 12% of the top-grossing 100 films last year. So how do we move from activism – in whatever form – to lights, camera and action? Here are five ways to encourage more women directors.

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